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"Life is short, campers. Chase your dreams."

"Life is short, campers. Chase your dreams." ~ Bonnaroo Chris

2014 was amazing!

Bonnaroo Chris - Bonnaroo Music Festival 2014

The Bonnaroo Music Festival continues to be amazing. The music, the vibe, those damn doughnuts ... it's the kind of place that restores my faith in humanity. It recharges my soul in an exhausting ritual of music and relentless sun and I wear it like a badge of honor. I've published my recollections on 2014, and if I have to pick a favorite act it would be Jack White - though there were a lot of goodies this year. I love the farm, I love the people. I can't wait to do it again next year.

- To everyone who found me! It was a pleasure to meet each of you.

- To all the folks that heard the ShelterBox story - I'm a big believer in the cause and I know some of you were inspired by what you saw and heard.

- To my sponsor NECTAR Sunglasses for helping me spread the word about SheltlerBox

- To Superfly Presents and AC Entertainment for orchestrating and implementing this creative and unique world where, for four days, we are removed from the rest of society and left in a state of optimism and camaraderie that is so fantastic and rare.

- To everyone (fans/staff) who attends the festival and makes it the magical place it is.

- To the ShelterBox team for working so hard!

- And to the dude who returned my camera!

Bonnaroo Chris 2014

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Find Me, Get A Sticker - Bonnaroo Chris 2014

Bonnaroo Chris Find Me Get a Sticker 2014

I love Bonnaroo stickers! I'll be giving out custom stickers at the Festival to any Bonnaroo fan who asks me.  Bonnaroo is a crowded place, obviously, so I've provided methods of finding me below.

- These stickers are FREE. Anyone trying to SELL you anything that resembles this sticker is not me.
- I will ask for your name and to take your picture. It's not required to get a sticker but I would like to post you on my website and social media outlets. By letting me take your picture, you agree to let me post it. I hope you tag yourself!
- I have a limited amount of stickers. Sorry about your friends who aren't with you. I'll catch them later.
- No unsolicited porta-pottie conversations or fruitcake of any kind.
- I'm having fun too! I might get sidetracked. Bygones.

 - I'm wearing a green hat, and a white long sleeve shirt with the green ShelterBox logo on it.
- Color bandana around my neck and one around my wrist. 
- I have a Bonnaroo symbol tattooed on my right leg.
- Follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I will post additional info here and on the Facebook event.
- Visit the ShelterBox booth in Planet Roo to get a custom Bonnaroo/ShelterBox sticker. I will be in the booth on Thu from 3-7pm and Fri-Sun from 1-5pm!

This vinyl sticker is 4.25x2.75 inches and is a unique collectors item that I've created. The sticker comes with a free paper backing and unrequited love from some guy in Nevada who made them.

Special thanks to the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival for creating this unique and happy space.

Why I Support ShelterBox: An Infographic

I wanted to explain what ShelterBox does in an easy & fun way. An infographic!
See why I'm honored to serve as a volunteer for ShelterBox USA.
See the ShelterBox booth at Bonnaroo (in Planet Roo) and get a sticker!
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Read more on my ShelterBox page
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See the ShelterBox booth at Bonnaroo (in Planet Roo) and get a sticker!

5 Tips: Planning and Packing for Bonnaroo

Tips for planning and packing for Bonnaroo


You've going to Bonnaroo and you're looking for the ultimate ideas for planning, packing, camping and surviving the music festival. Here are 5 tips to get you in festival bliss but be warned: you probably should have started by now! Good luck and see you on the farm!

I'll Meet You At This Tent - Magic Hat #9 - Bonnaroo Chris
1.) Festival Friends: The number of people going-to-the-festival is critical to the planning process. Time to get people on board or cut 'em loose. Some people just have a difficult time committing so set a deadline and move forward with plans.

If you are solo and looking for a ride OR have room for passenger(s), get on Inforoo, Zimride or Facebook and let the people know.

2.) Roo Transport: Use a vehicle big enough to haul your gear. Don't skimp on a comfortable chair or larger cooler because of space. You'll NEED those comforts so get the right ride. RV rentals in Tennessee and surrounding areas need to be reserved really far in advance - snooze and lose but you may still RSVP one in your local area. ROUND UP on the gas estimate.
*Pack everything in closed containers or bags. The staff will search your coolers but not your gear (mostly), Example: I brought my open toolbox and they confiscated a hatchet (which was a gift). It was considered 'dangerous' which is funny as I always considered it a 'tool'.
**Know that law enforcement will be looking for vehicles with out-of-state-plates or 'Bonnaroo' written on the side AND WILL LOOK FOR ANY REASON to pull you over and search your belongings. READ & REMEMBER THIS.

The Bonnaroo Tent City
3.) Make Shade: It is imperative that you bring your own shade while at the festival and will it make the experience so much better! The secret is to place your shade as high above you as possible so as to allow airflow underneath. I use multiple sun tents/EZ-ups and run tarps over everything, including my sleeping tent. I use free-standing tent poles along with rope and bungees to keep the tarps secure. AT LEAST ONE TIME before you leave for the festival: setup your campsite! Get your crew together and try setting up your site in a parking space. (Seriously.) Know how to properly setup your tent(s) and tarp(s) and figure out what additional things you may need to make it work. (Extra stakes, rope, clips, etc) Your actual Bonnaroo campsite will be much better and you now have an excuse for 'Bonnaroo Training', also known as 'hanging out with friends, drinking, setting up tents, goofing off.'  Get more indepth TIPS & IDEAS FOR BONNAROO

Bonnaroo food and packing
4.) Bonna-Food and Water: Drink water or die. It's pretty simple. You'll get dehydrated JUST BEING THERE much less walking, jumping, drinking and everything else you'll be doing. Bring twice as much as you'll think you'll drink at the campsite for the four days you're there. You might use some of it to wash your feet or your tent or someone else may need it. Bring a camelback or container for the concert field as there are filling stations and the lines are never too long ... But the nearby ground often gets soupy. There are a lot of food options at Bonnaroo and the prices are reasonable but there are also easy and cheap home options. Example: I've pre-made lasagna and burritos that could then be warmed up on a campstove. Nowadays, I just bring breakfast items and eat in Centeroo for the rest of the day for under $20. #lazy
Recipes and more on the FOOD AND WATER page.

Music Festival Checklist from Bonnaroo Chris
5.) Other Bonnaroo Tips:

- Obviously, read Bonnaroo's Accomodation page and understand the rules. But the #1 tip is to be nice. If you plan on being a disrespectful jackass, please go to another festival. K, Thanks.
- Get a copy of the FESTIVAL CHECKLIST - the ultimate survival tool for Bonnaroo! (And other festivals too)
- START A WORKOUT PLAN with lots of cardio. WAIT. WHAT? When was the last time you walked 3 or 4-miles and stood on your feet for 10-collective hours in a single day? Then did it again three times. Get out there and hit the pavement. You'll see more shows and you'll be looking good.
- BUILD: DIY solar chargers, shower, flag and more from BONNAROO
- GIRLS: you have your very own section. I love you too.

NEED MORE? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, & Poorvin's Bonnaroo Survival Guide

See you in June!

2014 Lineup Annoucement Drinking Game

Let us celebrate the newest lineup properly!
I hope your band is announced -- and if not, I understand your pain.
Meanwhile, pull up a sasaparilla and enjoy the night.  

2014 Lineup Announcement Drinking Game

As seen on Consequence of Sound
and Reddit and Nashville Scene
Make good choices in life but have fun, campers!

Kanye and Bonnaroo

Kanye is a gay fish!

Hi Campers,
  So, Kanye is playing the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in 2014.
[So is Elton John, btw.]

For those who didn't experience the 2008 festival, Kanye was an unapologetic dick to the crowd who waited until 4:30 am to see his 2:00 am set. 'FUCK KANYE' was printed on every person, place and porta-pottie for the rest of the festival. You can read my 2008 Bonnaroo Experience. It inspired me to develop the blog:

I'll admit I was a little bit WHATHEFUCKAREYOUTALKINGABOUT when I heard the news. I'm not a fan of his music but I'm really not a fan of his arrogant, self centered persona. He doesn't exactly #radiatepositivity and how could Bonnaroo possibly do this? HE DISRESPECTED US/YOU. ><

Well, it really boils down to three things:
1) There is a legion of fans willing to pay to see Kanye and they don't give a shit what happened in '08. Truth hurts.
2) It was inevitable. He sells albums and ROO needs to fill the rap slot each year with a high profile artist. Blame it on Kim Kardashian's ass if you want.
3) Bonnaroo > Kanye. Bonnaroo comes once a year and lasts for four days. Kanye's set will be a couple hours. My happy place will not be stopped.

In 2013, I was run over by a '99 Ford Bronco while on my motorbike. That didn't stop me from going to Bonnaroo - I'm sure as fuck not going let Kanye do it. For what it's worth, complaining to Bonnaroo is a waste of breath and booing or distracting people who actually want to see his set is disrespectful to the Festival and everyone there. Personally, I'll be quietly hosting a 'Gay Fish' gathering at the bar farthest from whatever stage he's playing. :)

See you there, campers. BONNAROOOOOOO!

p.s. The term 'Gay Fish' is from a hilarious episode of South Park. It is not meant to be offensive to gays or fish. All of my gay friends have confirmed that it's funny. I have not checked with the fish. 

Kanye's Bonnaroo response 2008

Know Your Rights!

You have the right to stay out of jail ... Mostly.  A big thanks to the folks at Online Paralegal Programs for creating this all-inclusive infographic about your rights during police encounters. Information is the key and you might be surprised by some of this stuff.  Study up, campers!

Know Your Rights

Season's Greetings 2013

Season's Greetings to all of my Bonnaroovian friends! Can't wait to see you in June!

Looks like I'm going to Bonnaroo 2014

Got my Bonnaroo ticket! See you there.
So, I bought my ticket for the 2014 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival today. My attendance is practically a foregone conclusion but I feel like the pre-sale is a good deal and here's why. 1) It's the cheapest ticket price. Even if you do the payment plan, it's cheaper than the third tier ticket price that most people end up with. 2) Get it out of the way. It's 6-months until the festival. By the time it rolls around, the money spent on the ticket will never be missed. 3) Most importantly, with a ticket in hand, there is no need to deal with the chaos of the general ticket sale in February. I'm not a big cyber-Monday fan ... except for this. :)

FREE Bonnaroo Tickets Contest by Relix

Free Bonnaroo tickets 
You can win two tickets to the festival by registering,
then you get more entries by sharing on social media. Good luck!  

Bonnaroo 2014 Lineup?

Do I have inside knowledge into who's playing the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in 2014? No. I have no clue and after a bunch of years, it doesn't really matter. But, the rumors fly and I do have a list of acts I'd love to see on the farm someday. So, I present my Bonnaroo 2014 lineup wishlist. It's ambitious, sure, but not impossible. Of course, there's room for negotiation and if you suggest a switch, I may take the time to update my poster. Can't wait for to be back on the farm!

Roo Halloween Ideas

 Looking for inspiration for the upcoming devilish holiday? Take a brief scroll through some of the people I've seen on the Farm seen over the years. Trick or treat, campers.
Green color lady