WHY: an art project by Bonnaroo Chris

WHY - Digital art project by Bonnaroo Chris 2021

WHY  |  8ft x 8ft  |  Digital Image  

Bonnaroo Chris aka Chris Alexander proudly presents "WHY" an extra large digital art project that incorporates many of the people, elements and icons of the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival spanning a period of 14 years. Utilizing over 100 layers intricately woven together in Adobe Photoshop, 'WHY' represents many hours of late nights and weekends and painstaking attention to detail, to achieve an impressive size and scale.

Around the edge of the project, starting in the bottom left corner of the picture displayed at top, we see a whirlwind view of Centeroo:
The Bonnaroo Fountain; two of many Bonnaroo Chris stickers from over the years, the Parachute People (formally Roochute); What Stage; Buzz Lightyear; a Spicy Pie sticker; the Sonic Stage; Ford Garage bandana; the Comedy Tent; Planet Roo statue; Pondo; the 'Before I die' wall; Bob Ross head; the Other Tent, Jack Nicholson head; That Tent; Bonnaroo Bingo shirt guy; Which Stage; the Which question mark (?); Shart.com guy; Inforoo representation; This Tent; Turn Down for Butt; the Bonnaroo Bobble Heads; the Fire Tower; the Ferris Wheel; the Silent Disco; Kaliope Stage; and many, many fans. 

The center flower is encompassed with six Bonnaroo arches and the quote: "Reality is a condition caused by the absence of Bonnaroo."

Special thanks to every person pictured and thank you to the staff and volunteers who make the festival possible. Bonnaroo is such an inspirational place and in its absence I can't help but to manifest something meaningful to remind me.

High five!

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