Things to do while we wait

Grab your headphones, maybe a notebook and a fresh drink, and find a comfortable seat.

With everyone having some free time on their hands, I thought I'd share useful and entertaining links to enhance your life or at least pass the time. None of these links are mine but I have verified that each one works.

A special treat at the end for Bonnaroo fans, I've curated a list of music videos from each year of the festival. Enjoy!

Virtual tours

Take a two hour walk on the beach in Oahu, Hawaii:

Tour the old city of Jerusalem, Israel:

Spend an hour in Venice, Italy:

Get some culture in your life

Learn to play guitar in three months. Maybe you'll play Bonnaroo in a few years:

Get busy learning with 500 free online courses:

Take a virtual tour of museums around the world:

Readers can now explore the Open Library without a waitlist for any books:

Learn how to start a garden:

Giga-picture image of Shanghai with an unbelievable amount of zoom. When you're done looking around, zoom out and find the arrows along the skyline to see other places:

Virtual rides (POV)

Ride the Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney. (No Fastpass needed):

Ride the exciting roller coaster Sheikra at Busch Gardens:

Get your parkour on with this insane rooftop run:

Fun online distractions

5 simple things to cheer up today:

Music lovers can get lost in the Radiohead Public Library:

Here's a live stream of GOATS:

Play old school Atari games like Pitfall and Pac-Man on your browser right now:

Buy this to make a LEGO breakfast every morning:

Enter the Zoomquilt:

Start a journal:

Goats screaming like humans:

To do with others

Host a movie night from the comfort of everyone's couch:

Six people can now play Cards Against Humanity together online:

Reviews of online family games:

A clip from each year of Bonnaroo

From Bonnaroo 2019, Post Malone:

From Bonnaroo 2018, Paramore (Full set):

From Bonnaroo 2017, Cage The Elephant (Full set):

From Bonnaroo 2016, Pearl Jam:

From Bonnaroo 2015, Gary Clark Jr 'Bright Lights':

From Bonnaroo 2014, Jack White (Full set):

From Bonnaroo 2013, Paul McCartney 'Live And Let Die':

From Bonnaroo 2012, Alabama Shakes 'You Ain't Alone':

From Bonnaroo 2011, Mumford & Sons (Full set): 

From Bonnaroo 2010, Tenacious D 'Dio':

From Bonnaroo 2009, Beastie Boys 'Intergalactic':

From Bonnaroo 2008, Metallica:

From Bonnaroo 2007, The White Stripes 'Seven Nation Army':

From Bonnaroo 2006, Tom Petty (Full set):

From Bonnaroo 2005, The Mars Volta (Full set):

From Bonnaroo 2004, Kings of Leon 'Trani':

From Bonnaroo 2003, James Brown 'I Feel Good':

From Bonnaroo 2002 (the first one), Widespread Panic 'Tall Boy':

Thanks for stopping by! Stay strong and be safe. See you at Bonnaroo!