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Handy Bandana by Bonnaroo Chris

The Handy Bandana A practical and fun take on bandana design. The three color bandana by Chris Alexander / Bonnaroo Chris with black, blue and red screen printed on a sunshine yellow 100% cotton extra large bandana, 23.5 inches square, is Made in the USA at a small family shop. This is a limited edition project (70 total).  #handybandana *Contains mature themes not suitable for children. May shrink after washing. PRINTED ON THE BANDANA: - A ruler - USA Flag - Basic first aid - Practical life advice - Rule for proper hydration - Phone number for Poison Control - 'HIGH FIVE' in 12 languages plus a pictogram - Built in disguises with fake mustache or red lips - Hashtags: #BLM #BeTheChange #LoveWins #RooLife - Contact numbers for the White House, Senate and ACLU - Fully customizable Hello Sticker and Thought Bubble designs - Breakdown of smaller measurements for the Mile, Gallon and Pound - Spirit animals include the raven, dolphin, elephant, octopus, & lizard - Powerful icons:

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