Handy Bandana by Bonnaroo Chris

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The Handy Bandana

A practical and fun take on bandana design. The three color bandana by Chris Alexander / Bonnaroo Chris with black, blue and red screen printed on a sunshine yellow 100% cotton extra large bandana, 23.5 inches square, is Made in the USA at a small family shop. This is a limited edition project (70 total).  #handybandana

*Contains mature themes not suitable for children. May shrink after washing.


- A ruler
- USA Flag
- Basic first aid
- Practical life advice
- Rule for proper hydration
- Phone number for Poison Control
- 'HIGH FIVE' in 12 languages plus a pictogram
- Built in disguises with fake mustache or red lips
- Hashtags: #BLM #BeTheChange #LoveWins #RooLife
- Contact numbers for the White House, Senate and ACLU
- Fully customizable Hello Sticker and Thought Bubble designs
- Breakdown of smaller measurements for the Mile, Gallon and Pound
- Spirit animals include the raven, dolphin, elephant, octopus, & lizard
- Powerful icons: Earth, Moon, Ohm, Cross, Hamsa, Flower, Humans, Music, & Alchemy
- Four corner hand symbols demonstrating Peace, Love, Solidarity and Shaka (aka "hang loose") 

Bonnaroo Chris wearing Handy Bandana
Handy Bandana Woman and Man Models


- Use for sun protection or sweat collection on the head, neck or wrist
- Tie hair up or back in multiple ways
- Tie around the nose and mouth as disguise or to keep out dust and pollen
- The bright yellow makes for a highly visible signal flag
- Tying the corners of bandana makes a bag for carrying loose items
- In a first aid emergency, apply the bandana as a bandage, compress, sling or tourniquet
- Look cool and feel prepared for almost anything

Handy Bandana First Aid
Basic First Aid

Handy Bandana Units of Measure
Units of Measure

Handy Bandana Ruler

Handy Bandana Made In The USA
Made in the USA

Handy Bandana by Bonnaroo Chris
Handy Bandana

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