Songs that are titled 'Bonnaroo'

Wow. I just discovered that there are a lot of songs titled 'Bonnaroo' listed on Spotify. I've listened to them all. The bands are listed below & each song is linked. Enjoy! 

Complete list:

Blue Planet Festival (2009) Best Roo track yet

Tucked In (2020) Dude wrote a break up song around Roo

Homes at Night (2022) Emo break up song barely mentions Roo

Kliche (2020) Hip hop love song

Ethan Hulse (2016) Folky emo song about feeling alone at Roo

Charlie Allen (2008) Best country song about Roo

WOOD$ (2022) Misogynistic rap song

The Sloppy Boys (2019) Fun pop Roo song

Altre di B (2014) Weird blend of OK GO + Blink 182?

B Dickey (2022) Drug anthem

Duncan Moondance and the Disco Dinosaurs (2021) Ummm, ok

The Happy Brothers (2022) Intense electronic love song

Corey Vybes (2018) Rap song barely mentions Roo

Steako (2017) Ridiculous song of a guy grunting

Johnny Daliey (2022) Country love song

Best Viber (2023) Electronic beats

Matt Roney (2022) Ridiculous rap song

Dr. John (1974) The OG


Aziz Ansari (2010) Comedy bit just for fun