Bonnaroo 2018: Sunday

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It makes for a nice, cool morning. It drags on relentlessly though, as lightning temporarily shuts Centeroo down and puddles appear throughout the campgrounds. This is all well before the music starts so no big deal. Ron makes plenty of coffee at the campsite, even the neighbors stop by for some.

I'm on last shift today so I use some extra time for cleaning and packing. I get in Centeroo just in time to facilitate a Planet Roo class - Disaster Awareness: Lessons from ShelterBox. I'm joined by Brian Glenn, an active ShelterBox Response Team member. Together, we review the emergency equipment that ShelterBox delivers and the benefits of each; potential disasters regionally in the US; as well as other resources available like FEMA, the Red Cross and CERT. Time was left for an excited Q&A.

My shift at the ShelterBox Tent is slow. By Sunday, most everyone has already walked through Planet Roo and those that haven't yet are mostly too tired to give a shit. Still, we get the occasional group who is inspired to learn more. The OFF THE GRID board is full of names. The team feels good about the connections we've all worked hard to make.

Planet Roo closes. It's bittersweet because the end is near. The team collapses the tent and booth items quickly. We are a well oiled machine. #TeamShelterBox #TeamRoo

Alt J is paying the Which Stage.
My how nice it is to see them again, ranking up from their Thursday debut in 2013. SO GOOD.

Someone has to ride with the Planet Roo staff on the golf cart to carry our equipment back to the campsite. I'm the guy to do it.  I make it back to Centeroo to catch The Killers. I'm so surprised they don't keep Mr Brightside until the end.

And then, it's over. The last walk to the campsite is merry. Everyone sprouts into song, Oh Baby You/You Got What I Need/And You Say He's Just A Friend. Back at the campsite, it's time to finish off any perishable food products. The neighbors drop by for a cup of cheer. Others pack up and depart for a long ride home. The bag is brought and requires a proper slapping. Our man, Ron slaps the bag out of existence, much like Thanos in The Avengers, except Ron is not purple.

It's a good night and a solid finish to an amazing weekend.

ShelterBox USA volunteers at Bonnaroo 2018
ShelterBox USA volunteers at Bonnaroo 2018

Planet Roo class: Disaster Awareness by ShelterBox USA at Bonnaroo 2018
Planet Roo class: Disaster Awareness by ShelterBox

ShelterBox OFF THE GRID Pledge Board at Bonnaroo 2018
ShelterBox OFF THE GRID Pledge Board

Bonnaroo Chris with Dana and JP at Bonnaroo 2018
Me with Dana and JP

Bonnaroo and ShelterBox postcard at Bonnaroo 2018
Bonnaroo and ShelterBox postcard in Centeroo

Alt J at the Which Bonnaroo 2018
Alt J

Lightstring at The Killers, Bonnaroo 2018
String light at The Killers

Snippet of Bonnaroo 2018 on Sunday night
Quick view of Sunday night

The Killers - Bonnaroo 2018
The Killers

Lemonade at the What Stage during The Killers - Bonnaroo 2018
Lemonade at the What Stage during The Killers

Ron slapping the bad
Ron, slapping the bag

Goodnight Bonnaroo. The cheers echo in different parts of the campground as everyone enjoys the last night. Finally ... we sleep.