Bonnaroo 2018: Monday

All jokes aside, the Monday after Bonnaroo is the absolute worst.

The team packs up early and says goodbye. Most of them are headed to the airport. We leave the campsite clean and tidy.

I make the long drive back to Florida with no major traffic challenges or disruptions. No crazy weather. Just a whole lot of interstate, a blaring rental van radio and lots of time to reflect. It's part of the pilgrimage every year, this drive home.

Bonnaroo does something that few other events can ever do. It removes us from our normal lives for a short time. We get to see a micro society based in the notion of good vibes and fueled by a uniquely positive spirit. I am grateful for this space as it allows me to remember why I love humanity, music and hanging with the crew. Thanks a lot for this one, Bonnaroo. Also, the music was good too. ;)

Back to normal