Bonnaroo 2018: Friday

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The sun is out and so are the yoga people.

Planet Roo is filled wall-to-wall as the yogis on stage make their amplified commands in soothing tones. I'm participating as much as I can, what with a coffee in one hand and a delicious bearclaw in the other.  The early morning shift at the ShelterBox Tent is quiet.

Traffic flow in Planet Roo picks up around lunch time. The sun is fierce.  

After my shift, it's time to head to the Broo'ers Fest and meetup with #Batroo, another Roo-related Chris. After a cold beer, I head to the What Stage. My first music act of day is Sheryl Crow and it's my first time seeing her. Her songs are energetic and she does a great cover of Midnight Rider. It is a wondrous day for music.

Manchester Orchestra - I love seeing this band live and they don't disappoint.
Paramore - I've seen them before and wondered how it would translate to the Farm. They did a great job and my crush on Haley continues.
The Revivalists - Wow, these guys. And the final song, With A Little Help From My Friends. Freaking perfect.
Sturgil Simpson - One of my favorite acts of 2018. Some damn fine rock and roll.
Muse - My first Muse. Pretty impressive.
Bassnectar - Pretty sure most of Tennessee heard Bassnectar. Sweet jesus.
Superjam (Tom Petty) - This is what it's all about. A sing-a-long, a memorial, a perfect moment ... with Chromeo blasting nearby. Nothing against Chromeo but Superjam is always placed against bass-centric acts and the sound bleed is terrible. Every. Single. Year.

Planet Roo Yoga at Bonnaroo 2018
Planet Roo Yoga

Bonnaroo Chris and Batroo - Bonnaroo 2018
Bonnaroo Chris and #Batroo and Santa

Bonnaroo 2018
Bonnaroo crowd and totems

The Dude - Bonnaroo 2018
The Dude

The Revivalists - Bonnaroo 2018
The Revivalists

Sturgil Simpson Bonnaroo 2018
Sturgil Simpson

Muse Bonnaroo 2018

ShelterBox Tent at night - Bonnaroo 2018
ShelterBox Tent at night at Bonnaroo

Superjam Bonnaroo 2018

Lost in Centeroo - Bonnaroo 2018
Lost in Centeroo

It's hard to stay up so late because I'm old and can't help but to wake up early.  It's in the wee hours when I wander back to the campsite with Tom Petty dancing in my head.