Bonnaroo 2017: Sunday

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Sunday! How is it already Sunday?

I feel good, despite not getting enough sleep. Today is the hottest day yet and the sun gets me up early. Good ventilation in the tent though and the zero gravity chair does the trick for comfortable napping.

I charge my gear. That's my challenge this year and beyond, power. Sure, I could run my car for a couple hours every day but that's an expensive phone charger. Plus, it's no fun for tent campers nearby. Centeroo now offers multiple options for charging, both free and paid, but aside from the Chargr company, you can't carry your phone with you. I brought an energy brick and two smaller reservoirs which kept me going until Saturday morning. The five Chargr batteries will ultimately see me through but it's gonna be close. Gotta be more self sufficient.

Time to eat and nap. Then it's time to go inside!

White Reaper at the What Stage
Fun band that proclaims themselves 'the greatest American band in the world' which you just have to love. I sat in the mist tent in the back and it sounded just fine.

White Reaper - Bonnaroo Chris 2017
White Reaper

Bonnaroo Chris 2017

Linda @Pod 2 - Bonnaroo Chris 2017

Puppy - Bonnaroo Chris 2017
How does this happen?

Inflatable couch - Bonnaroo Chris 2017
The struggle is real, friends

Housing is a human right - Bonnaroo Chris 2017
Housing is a human right

Couple watching Royal Blood - Bonnaroo Chris 2017
Royal Blood

Royal Blood at The What Stage
One of the bands I'm most looking forward to seeing. And they're great. The crowd is active and into it. Highly recommend.

Royal Blood and Bonnaroo Chris 2017

To Write Love On Her Arms - Bonnaroo Chris 2017
To Write Love On Her Arms. Thank you, whoever you are. #twloha

Couple watching Milky Chance - Bonnaroo Chris 2017
Milky Chance

Tyrannosaurus - Bonnaroo Chris 2017

High five - Bonnaroo Chris 2017

Crystal Castles - Bonnaroo Chris 2017
Crystal Castles
I'm pretty impressed having only witnessed a handful of onsite emergencies. Two of them looked bad, with the victims laying unmoving on the golf cart that was transporting them. On Friday, there was a guy at a picnic table being held up by his friends while the medics checked him out.

It's easy to get in trouble in this heat. I caught up with Dustin, who follows me on social media, and talked about this very thing. "This is my third year sober at Roo," he said. "I came here back in 2011 and went out of control. I can't tell you who played because I completely blacked out. I enjoy being here sober ... you see so much more of the festival. I would encourage everyone to try it."

While I'm not the poster child of sobriety at Bonnaroo, I always try to maintain good self awareness. I drink a ton of water throughout the day. And aside from a beer or two as I walk into Centeroo, I wait until sunset before imbibing, and even then, with moderation. Find what works for you and have fun!

Milky Chance and Crystal Castles: I enjoyed these sets while getting food and some coffee ice cream. Both bands sounded great in their own respects.

And then Lorde showed up.
For a minute anyway, until her tech went down twice for a total of 30 minutes. "Lorde will return shortly to play her entire set," they announced. Return she did, with great zeal. She and her dancers consumed the entire stage in movement giving a great visual interpretation to accompany the music. She really belted it out and left the stage saying, “Bonnaroo, I’m so in love with you!” Us too, Lorde. Welcome to the Farm.

Lorde - Bonnaroo Chris 2017

Lorde 2- Bonnaroo Chris 2017

Ground light - Bonnaroo Chris 2017

Badbadnotgood - Bonnaroo Chris 2017

Travis Scott - Bonnaroo Chris 2017
Travis Scott
Full disclosure: Not a fan of The Weekend playing Sunday night. His set is basically a makeout session more than it is a sing-a-long. Talented, to be sure but it's not the right fit. But I do love "I can't feel my face when I'm with you."    

Time to leave. Passing the exit and, once again, there is a crowd stripping the arch of the shiny tags as souvenirs. Really? Vandalism is ok because of the cost of your ticket? In great words of the band, Puscifer, "You fucking disappoint me."

Beautiful picture except for the dickheads who need to vandalize the arch - Bonnaroo Chris 2017

This guy sucks - Bonnaroo Chris 2017

Last view of the arch - Bonnaroo Chris 2017

Back at the campsite and feeling alone for the first time. The Garage is starting to shut down though the bar is still open and flowing. I caught an image of a Jenga game the moment before it toppled.

Jenga - Bonnaroo Chris 2017

Showers are open all night as is the ice truck. Lots of folks are packing down their tents and cars start to file out to the road. The hum of activity like when we arrived is back though much softer.

I hand out stickers and high fives and wishes of good cheer. Back at the site, I'm having a nightcap and getting ready for bed. The neighbors behind me have just ingested acid and are waiting for the effects to begin. I put in my ear plugs and fall asleep just as they all start getting the giggles. Happy trails, campers. Wait, it's Sunday, right?


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