Bonnaroo 2016: Wednesday

Bonnaroo Chris and the ShelterBox Team return for another year on the Farm.

We arrived yesterday (Tuesday) from Florida around 4pm.

After dropping off the ShelterBox gear in Centeroo, we setup camp in vendor/volunteer camping, which sits directly above Croo camping in Pod 1.

The team: Alicia, Chris, David. Eddie, Eric, Madison, Micheal and Tricia, got to know each other over smoked brisket sandwiches and cold beer, (Shiner Prickly Pear, JDubs UpTop, Cigar City Invasion).

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - ShelterBox Team drops off supplies
The ShelterBox Team and Croo members drop off supplies in Centeroo
Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Vendor camping on Wednesday night
Vendor camping on Tuesday night

I awoke after an oddly chilly night to Mike and Trisha doing yoga. I used the free unisex vendor shower, which was simply a trailer with six stalls. The water smelled terribly of sulfur but it was hot and I felt clean afterwards. We ate breakfast as a group as I brought my usual blueberries, grapes, cheese, bagels and hard boiled eggs.

David was a human Starbucks, with coffee just moments away at any given time.

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - ShelterBox Team campsite
The ShelterBox Team campsite

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Campsite coffee
Campsite coffee

We wandered into Centeroo to setup the ShelterBox tent and all of the equipment inside. We looked around afterwards, finding the new bathrooms locked and the Silent Disco smack in the middle of the Which Stage field.

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - VIP Buy & Keep Tents
VIP Buy & Keep Tents

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Arch closeup
Bonnaroo Arch closeup

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Croo volunteer
Croo volunteer with a thumbs up

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - The ShelterBox USA Team
The ShelterBox USA Team

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Fresh volunteers off the bus
Fresh volunteers off the bus

Back to the campsite for a late lunch (brisket!) and I went to look for ice. The ice vendor is sold out but expects a shipment soon. After a short nap, I return with some of the team and I carry two bags back to the site to fill my cooler, passing the hay field each time. Can I setup my tent out there?

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - The Bonnaroo hay field
The Bonnaroo hay field

Then it's back to Centeroo, (we use the shuttle vans provided to shorten the walk), and we attend the Planet Roo Happy Hour designed to get all of the non-profits the opportunity to mingle. We drink Miller Lite from a keg until it goes dry (which didn't take long) then find a cooler of cold PBR. I talk with one of the staff members about the Silent Disco placement, the smaller attendance and the shrinking of GA. Then it was time to step out for some gourmet food.

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Spicy Pie
Spicy Pie

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Potatoes
Bonnaroo Potatoes

The party fizzled so we went to see the arch at sunset and the surrounding area. The twilight made for great lighting and I handed out stickers to some GA folks trapped on the outside of the fence. I also caught a picture of a girl jumping in mid-air.

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Girl jumping
Jumping under the Arch

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Chris under the Arch
Chris under the Arch

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Bonnaroo Arch
Bonnaroo Arch

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - The Dragon and Arch
The Dragon and Arch

On the way back to the campsite, I pass by Russ Bennett, the guy in charge of the festival's visual design. So, I gave him a sticker, naturally. At camp, the team slowly went to bed while the group behind us yelled repeatedly, and in unison, for their friend named "Will". I put in earplugs and went to sleep.

Tomorrow, the festival begins.