Bonnaroo 2017: Saturday

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The Garage - Bonnaroo Chris 2017
Big Red at The Garage

I managed to wake up early for a $10 shower at The Garage. By early, I mean 7 am. There was no line and the showers were very nice. They included a vestibule so your clothes didn't get wet. No free shampoo though. ;)

A nice leisurely breakfast followed even more leisurely napping while my devices charge. Time for lunch?

The afternoon sun is warm. The line getting into Centeroo isn't bad. In fact, the attendance this year, while more than last year, is still very manageable. Crowded years like 2011 and 2013 were ugly demonstrations of overcrowding. I get around pretty efficiently.

I stop by State Farm and ask if they can sort out my locker problem. They open it and there's all my stuff sitting there. The code just stopped working, I guess?

Got the see The Front Bottoms at the The What Stage. A lively bunch that I enjoyed while sitting in the mist tent in the back.

My favorite band from this year is undoubtedly Rainbow Kitten Surprise playing at the Which Stage. Fun band to see live. My favorite description is that they're a more-playful Kings of Len. Whatever, I love them.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise - Bonnaroo Chris 2017
Rainbow Kitten Surprise

More shade - Bonnaroo Chris 2017

Choices - Bonnaroo Chris 2017

Tegan and Sara - Bonnaroo Chris 2017
Tegan + Sara

Lunch. Hamageddon. $15.

Now it's time to listen to Teagan + Sara, who are funny in between songs. They're kinds like Ellen except there's two of them. And Ellen doesn't sing, really. Whatever, I love them.

I stopped to see the gang at Hatter Drums. I've known these folks for a bit and this year they gave me a very special gift. A handmade drum, painted with Bonnaroo themes across the exterior. It's so beautiful, I don't want to damage it. I hold it so gently. They teach me how to take care of it and then gave me a lesson in how to play it. We had a mini drum circle. Also, I have no rhythm.

I am moved by this gift. Thank you, Hatter Drums. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Had to sit down for a moment after that. The Head and the Heart played nearby at the Which and I'm way in the back. It's not crowded. They jam away and, at some point, I find myself drumming along. :D

Hatter Drums - Bonnaroo Chris 2017
Hatter Drums

Drum from Hatter Drums during The Head and the Heart - Bonnaroo Chris 2017
My Bonnaroo Drum!

Chance the Rapper - Bonnaroo Chris 2017
Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper at the Which Stage
It's cool to see his set. What's with the gunshots? Travis did that shit too. #votechance

Cage the Elephant at the Which Stage
Love this band and I will always go see them live.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers at the What Stage
I mean really, anytime seeing the Chili Peppers is a good time.

“We’ve played a million fucking festivals. This is my favorite one.” ~ Flea

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Bonnaroo Chris 2017
The hula hoop guy managed to hold it up in the air for most of the RHCP's set. Pretty impressed. 

Line Guy - Bonnaroo Chris 2017
I asked how many times he had been asked to take a picture. His face had the look of weary regret. 

Blue arch - Bonnaroo Chris 2017

Waldo - Bonnaroo Chris 2017
Found you again! Your turn.

Superjam at This Tent
Sound overlap as usual but this is what it's all about. Everybody dances.

Superjam 1 - Bonnaroo Chris 2017

Superjam 2 - Bonnaroo Chris 2017

Sculpture - Bonnaroo Chris 2017

Big Red - Bonnaroo Chris 2017
Big Red

At some point, I sleep. ZZZZzzzzzzz.


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