Bonnaroo 2017: Monday

Hello, Monday, old friend.

Rain - Bonnaroo Chris 2017

My eyes open at 6am and I have to pee. When I return, I briefly contemplate getting back in the cot or heading out. I packed up some stuff last night so I wouldn't have too much to deal with. My phone is dead, it happened just before I went to sleep.

I decide to pack the car. I say goodbye to the neighbors who are awake. The ones who tripped last night are now passed out. Good luck with that, ya'll.

Goodbye, Bonnaroo.

By 7am, I'm on the road. And what the holy-ridiculous is this re-route from the interstate?! Who the hell lives out here? Did that sign say I'm in Kentucky? I feel like the road is going to dead end in someone's driveway. How close am I to New England? Finally, real pavement.

Back through the shit radio in south Georgia followed by torrential rain in Florida. I was warned that a front had swept my town from the south this morning and I found it, tall and swirling, as I came around a bend and drove straight into it. The rain came in waves, twice completely whiting out the road ahead. This sucks. But, my thinking is, tis better to drive through it than to camp through it!

Angry clouds - Bonnaroo Chris 2017

Anyway, I made it home in the early evening with plenty of time to unload and shower aka decontaminate. Have to work tomorrow. So many emotions but my bed is damn comfy.

ps. Thank you, Bonnaroo. You're beautiful, positive and still my favorite.