Bonnaroo 2016: Sunday

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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!
It's the last day and everyone wants to make it count. I wake up for my routine and we discover a note from our next neighbor, (the glass blower's girlfriend), who evidently left the festival. #swoon

Then it was straight to the ShelterBox Tent for my shift. Again, lots of people found me and/or discovered the amazing work of my favorite disaster relief charity.

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Letter from our neighbor
Letter from our neighbor

Ron from RooChute and Bonnaroo Chris 2016
Ron from RooChute and Chris

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 Planet Roo selfie
Planet Roo selfie

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 Croo

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Funny Tshirt

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Vegasam from Cracked Food Truck with tots
Vegasam from Cracked Food Truck with tots
Of all the food trucks in the Oasis, my favorite has to be Cracked. They've been a staple of the festival for a couple of years now and their fare is savory and worth the price. I like all of their sandwiches but the Vegasam is so flipping good.

One thing I missed from last year was the poutine truck. Cheese curds and french fries, yo. Bring that shit back.

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 fans

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 Happy Birthday Cody
Did it!

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Givers

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Givers

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Ferris Wheel smiley face

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Ferris Wheel view campground

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Ferris Wheel view bathrooms

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Ferris Wheel view That Tent

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Ferris Wheel view Centeroo

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Ferris Wheel fans

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Ferris Wheel view The Other Tent

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Ferris Wheel view Centeroo sticker

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Ferris Wheel selfie

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Happy Bonnaroo!
Happy Bonnaroo!

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Bonnaroo seed
This Bonna-seed feel perfectly in my chair

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - The Oh Hellos
The Oh Hellos

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Amazing Hula Hoop Guy
This guy with the hula hoop was the most precise and skilled I've ever seen. And hey, boobs!

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Cool Tattoo
Funky tattoo

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - X Ambassadors
X Ambassadors

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - The Other Tent
The Other Tent

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Rocketman
Buzz Lightyear aka 'Rocketman'

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Death Cab for Cutie
Eye see Death Cab For Cutie

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 fans

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 fan
Thanks for the sticker!

Bonnaroo Chris 2016

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 fans

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 walkway

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 Bob Ross totem
Bob Ross totem

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 Roo totem

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Lemonade

So, I basically camped out at the Other Tent for most of the day, from Givers through X Ambassadors. Then I headed to the What to catch Death Cab For Cutie and hook some folks up with stickers. After Death Cab, I met the team met at the ShelterBox Tent to break it down. Typically, we leave it until early Monday morning but I had received notification that the festival wanted everyone out on Sunday night if possible. They even offered a golf cart with trailer to make it happen so we packed everything into six ShelterBoxes and made a human caravan, weaving our way through Planet Roo to the Solar Stage. David and I volunteered to load the trailer and travel back to the campsite for the unload. While we waited, we grabbed a beer and listened to the sounds of Lord Huron.

With the trailer loaded we made the trek back to volunteer camping. Major of traffic on the back roads. Once we got there, we didn't have to wait long for the cart to arrive and they kindly dropped the boxes off in front of our campsite. A big thank you to Anthony and Sami and Mike - as they are the folks that create and run Planet Roo - for their tireless efforts and for making such an extraordinary space within the festival each year.

The boxes were now squared away and David and I sat down to enjoy a cold beer, we still had a lot left in various coolers. Dead & Co was now full on into their set and we heard it clearly from our site. Slowly every team member showed up. We sat as a group, listening to the melodies and Dead Heads cheer, while enjoying lasagna and assorted cold beverages. We laughed and hi fived and toasted to a fantastic weekend.

As Dead & Co finished, David and I walked around to every campsite in volunteer camping and gave everybody stickers and hi fives.

Time for bed. Goodnight, Bonnaroo.