Bonnaroo 2016: Saturday

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Day three of Bonnaroo 2016!

I'm up early to shower, eat breakfast and get some ice. The ice vendor is still waiting for the next shipment so I ask my teammates to hook me up. Our next door neighbor, the glass blower, ended up going into town and bringing us a ton of cheap ice. Sweet!

The Bonnaroo booth is open and we figured out that hippies (and most everybody) loves bubbles.

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - ShelterBox Tent
The ShelterBox Tent is ready!

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 fan

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Planet Roo bubbles

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 fan

Bonnaroo Chris and Alicia P 2016

Bonnaroo Chris and Pondo 2016
I finally met Pondo! #pondoarmy

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Turn down for butt totem

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Sarasota crew
Sarasota Crew

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Firefly grounded

After my shift, I grab a quick lunch and find a shady tree. Pop in some earplugs and fall fast asleep in my chair in the midst of the festival. It's a restful sleep actually and I get up for my next appointment which is the Q & A with the founders and the producers of the festival.

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Meet the founders
The Founders and Producers talk about the future of the festival

My friend has this same shirt

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Post Malone
Post Malone

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Clutch
Front row!

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - The front rail

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Ferris wheel and moody clouds

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 fountain before the storm
The Fountain and a moody sky
After Clutch, I head to the Which stage to see Ellie Goulding. It's almost dark and there's a thunderstorm in the distance. It keeps getting closer and I consider making a run to get my rain poncho. That's when I realize that there is no music playing ... and a guy walks out onto This Tent's stage and tells everyone to quickly and calmly seek shelter in their cars due to a severe thunderstorm warning and possible tornadoes.

For the first time ever, Bonnaroo is being evacuated.

I considered my options and ultimately decided that the safest place for me would be in the tent in Planet Roo. If we get a direct tornado strike, being in a car or tent won't really make a difference. When I arrive at the tent and find other team members already inside I knew I made the right choice. A few more members of the team show up and we huddle inside while the storm passes by with just a sprinkle of rain. The staff kept urging folks to seek shelter (there was large group refusing to leave under This Tent) and I heard there was a big party at the coffee shop. We had a couple visitors, one guy who wanted to come inside and decried "I thought this was a disaster tent!" when we told him he could not stay for insurance reasons. And Alicia P. met a new friend named Mia who was happily buzzed and wanted to dance her way through the storm. It didn't take long before the coast was clear and they started letting folks back inside. All told, the Bonnaroo evacuation of 2016 lasted one hour and everything picked up right where it left off.

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 Everyone is fine
Back to normal

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 with John the glass blower
Glass blower

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Ellie Goulding
Ellie Goulding

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Night Flower Girl

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 fans

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Pearl Jam and lights

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 - Fountain and fireworks
Impressive fireworks over the fountain

A trickle of fireworks after Pearl Jam's set turned into a long volley that kept going even after I managed to walk to the fountain. Because of the delay, Pearl Jam's set lasted until 2:30 am. And while I wanted to see the SuperJam, I was too just exhausted to make it. Walk, shuttle, walk, pee, sleep.