Bonnaroo 2016: Monday

Monday morning. 


The whole campsite is up early and packing. I had met many vendors last night that were packing and immediately departing because of a long drive and having to work in the am. The daylight now clearly illustrated how many people left overnight. It was a lot. 

The team had a big cooler breakfast as we each tried to consolidate our stuff into smaller and manageable piles. In no time we had nothing left except for the trash and recycling bags given to us on entry.

We took a team photo and said our goodbyes. It was a great team this year and I hope to be with these lovely people again soon. 

Eric departs first, on his way up to Delaware to be on the ShelterBox team at the Firefly Music Festival. David and Madison leave next for their easy drive back to Nashville. The rest of us cram into the van and, after a stop at the showers and detour to return some lost items, we headed out on the open road. There lots of dust covered vehicles along the way. You know who you are! 

Bonnaroo 2016 was one of the best years to date. The smaller crowd combined with the good vibes would be enough but the continued improvements and amenities make the festival more interactive and fun. I can't wait for next year ... just somebody please move the Silent Disco! 

Bonnaroo Chris 2016 Roo Squad
Roo Squad

ps. We stopped for lunch at Chuy's Tex Mex, just outside of Atlanta. I must have drank two pitcher's worth of water myself. We then left Mike and Tricia on the side of the road, as usual. And the last three of us made our way back to Florida. A thunderstorm followed us but never drenched us like the weather we drove through on the way up. Still, it was nice that the outside of the van got cleaned. It was nearly midnight when I got home, ready for a real shower and a real bed but missing my team and my 50,000 friends at our beloved Bonnaroo.