Bonnaroo 2008: Monday

Bonnaroo Chris campsite 2008
Bonnaroo Chris campsite 2008

7:30am. Everyone’s least favorite day of Bonnaroo. Because of our schedule and shade situation, we were able to pack-up leisurely. After a hearty breakfast, we broke camp. The kid who lost his keys had left the day before to try and resolve the situation. His friends who had stayed behind found the keys, got the truck started and started driving it home to him – as a surprise.

Mike and I made the short trip to Atlanta where we stayed at the Red Roof Inn. After showers and dinner we were supposed to go the infamous Buckhead district but ended up falling asleep watching "My Name is Earl."

The next day we would make it back to Florida in just 6.5 hours, where my girl rushed to greet me with a hug and promptly showed me where she was keeping a “large” spider hostage under a box for two days.

It’s good to be home.